Happy new year.

Sorry but I only hang out with supermodels. U jellyfish?


All day, all night.

I'm off to play The walking dead, I sincerely hope that you have a productive holiday as I. Bye. 


I have worked my ass off.

I am feeling so appreciated from my work, my co-workers and the children. I am going to miss them so much but it will be nice with some vacation right now. I have worked my ass off this year and now I am going to chill the fuck out.

Chocolate boxes, chocolate santa, necklace and amazing kids.

Thank you kids, I will truly miss you. I won't be gone for to long. I promise you that we will meet again in mars.



One day they'll see that it was always me.

I've had it with humanity..

Say what?!

Just got accused of being a nazi because I think it's great that Disney took away stereotypical and racist images from Donald Duck. I think that a dictionary for Christmas would be good because I thought that being a nazi meant that you hate Jews not that you think that stereotypical images should be removed from Disney films. Then the person in question said that it was worse to be anti-racist than to be racist. Hmn I thought it was good to fight for equalily, just think how wrong you can be ...

  Oh well, stupid cunts will be stupid cunts.


The massacre in Connecticut.

The massacre in Connecticut was horrible, no one has the right to kill people and especially not children. I whom work at a kindergaden can only imagen if that would happend at my kindergarden, The lost would be infinite for me aswell as the kids parents, their friends and for every parent out there. What happend in Connecticut is a unforgivable crime and the killer deserve no compassion what so ever. There is no explanation that could justify what the murderer did. How ever I do think that now is a time to help each other out and to do everything in our power to prevent this from ever happen again. We need to strickten the gun laws and make it harder for psykopaths like the murderer in Connecticut to get weapons.

Rasist javisst!

Some of my "friends" are discussing that Disney cut out some negative stereotypes in Donald Duck. Here are some of the "highlights" (sorry it's in Swedish but it's so much racism so if you can't read it, lucky you!).

Disney cuts in Donald Duck, boo fucking hoo.

I can not stand outcry that Disney has cut in Donald Duck. It's not surprising that removing negative stereotypes. Chill out, the world is not over because we can't watch the racist images of people, grow up! It is 2012 and not 1930, some things change for the better like the view of people and their equal value and some for the negative as your narrow minded statuses for example: "I'm not racist but don't fucking cut in Donald Duck and right to see the offending footage"...

It does not matter that racism appear more in other places it's still not okay. I do not think you should support racism anywhere regardless of the amount of ..


The forbidden Gingerbread man.

"You may not even be gingerbread anymore, it's the worst I've ever heard!"

 Well, myself, I think that the Holocaust was slightly worse, but okay ...


Christmas concert.

The christmas concert in  Friens Arena was really not that good and it smelled like cigarettes everywhere but as always Peter Jöback was stunning. He is truly amazing and he made the evening in to a fantastic night. The way he sings Hallelujah moves me. He is perfection, the only reason I was there and I regret nothing.

Two concerts this week.

Me and my sister are going to se Peter Jöback in a few minutes, can't wait!


Twins of evil.

It was snowing outside and it was snowing inside. There he was, once again, on the stadge where he fits perfectly. It feelt like this moment is that moment that I have waiting for my whole life. He looked me in the eyes and I was filled with pure euforia. I never wanted it to end but as all the good things in life it's always to short. The show was amazing and his singing was perfect. Every word he sings hits me in my hear and make me feel, feel real. With out a doubt this is the best concert I've ever been to. Please Manson don't take too long time before you come back to me but if you do I will be waiting.

As always the pictures are taken by me, so don't you dear steal them I have a machete.

So we meet again Mr. Manson

As always the pictures are taken by me, so don't you dear steal them I have a machete.

Only some hours left now.


Two days.

Until I get to se my love again.
As always the pictures are taken by me, so don't you dear steal them I have a machete.


I don't get it.

Peoples who's eating stuff (especially stuff that stinks) on the bus/train disgust me... Why does peoples even eat at public transports?!


The snow.

Wow is it snowing outside?! I had no idea since I don't have a window of my own... so thanks again for the information social media!