Young, wild and free.

Awesome day, I been watching the bonfire, cuddling with seals, partying on a boat, eating cake and brownie, taking a walk thru Stockholm an night and just laughed the day away. I'm so happy right now. We are young and free so why can't this moment last forever?
Seriously I have so gorgeous friends, they are like crazy cute.

Fucking royalty.

So we just got our graduatiom hats and the celabrations are soon about to start. It's finally spring and His Royal Majesty is turning 66, Happy birthay your Highness. Now let's eat some cake and do some crazy shit.


All day, all night.

Today was a chill day, I have just been eating pizza with some awesome peoples and chilling all day. Oh yeah and I have fever but that's okay. Now you know that and it probably enriched your life alot. so bye.♥


I'm blue, dabididabida.

Today I have been painting boats with my favorite Linn. We fucked up big time and spilled paint everywhere so thank god for paint remover. We ended up looking like smurfs, but I kind of love blue so it's okay. Painting boats like a BOSS!


What is happening to the world?

Okay, there is something I just need to talk about, the fact that Liam Hemsworth is gonna be in the follow-up to my favorite movie. Apparently he is going to play a "killer sniper" and "He maybe younger than the rest of The Expendables but don't underestimate him". What is this shit?! I mean the whole point of The Expendables is cool guys doing cool stuff. It's a movie with all our favorites old school action heroes together in one movie and that in and of itself is more awesome than unicorns. So now I'm panicking and stressing out due to this Liam (who is Miley Cyrus boyfriend and plays Gale in The Hunger Games), who is he to walk amongst the legends of action movie stars?! I can't take it. I do not like this young guy trying to fit in amongst this epic guy. I simply do not like that he is impersonated as one of the cool guys, cuz he's not, he is dating Miley Cyrus for crying out loud.. Fuck my life.

Sky's the limit.

It's funny how a little sunshine can light up my life. I was walking aimlessly around just smiling at the sun, smiling at the world. The sun got my back but I'm still ready to attack. I'm always on the alert, with a smile on my mouth and sparkles in my eyes. I’m gonna kick you down and keep on smiling. So I guess I'll see you in hell bitch.

And I want all of that ASS ASS ASS ASS.

I love her and I just can't wait to se her. 8 July here I come!♥


Fly away.

I was going to be something, someone. That's hard when you constantly pushing me down and your lies tear me up my inside. You rip me apart as if I was only paper-thin. Your words are burning on my skin like acid. How can you do this to me? You shoot me down when I am trying to fly, so now I will smash you like you where a fly. I will fly away and never ever look back.

The City.

A city that never rest.
A city where the rain conceal the tears of the broken.
A city that is filled with dreams.
A city that crush your dreams.
A city so could and gray.
A city build of us.
The city I love has just has wakened up.


We're running to the edge of the world.

You have once again saved me, saved me from misery, tears, destruction and chaos. When I was at the bottom I looked up and saw you. I starred the truth in its eye and it looked back at me. When all hope was gone and the tears where streaming down my cheeks, you lifted me up and let the rain wipe the pain away. You raise me up so I can stand. You learned me to walk again and you learned me to hope, hope that one day I will shine. For this I love you.

Death to your heart.

It's not like I made myself a list of different way to destroy your life. I guess that I am just a natural talent at that. I did not even try to kill what your heart is beating for it just self-destructed. I only tried to save you from yourself, to save what's left of you an what's left of me. We are a deathly combination, killing everything in its way and for that you will always hate me. You hate that you are hating me so much that you hate yourself. If only this hatred could developed in to respect. And if only this shattered pieces of porslin on the floor could turn back to what it was. If I could turn back time I would turn back our existent.


I wanna do bad things with you.

This song is so amazing. True Blood really needs a new man, so I truly wish that Snoop Doog would be Sookie’s new guy cuz I am so tired of Bill, Sam and Eric. I would be kind of fun whit Snoop just chillin' in Bon Temps and smoking some weed. I mean that would be refreshing, all vampire-shit is getting a bit old. Don't get me wrong I love True Blood but Snoop Dog makes everything so much better.

Don't ever say I never warned you from the start.

And he keeps on amaze me. What more can I say, it's perfection.


Here we go again, Askin' where I've been.

My weekend was awesome but freezing. I have worked hard as hell and I'm never gonna clean again (Never say never, lol). Sorry for no updates but I didn't have time and my fingers where frozen so I couldn't type. But I'm back, BAKSTREET'S BACK ALLRIGHT! Wait what?!


And sometimes we lie.

This song is so meaningful, it has a powerful message and I can really relate to the lyrics. Cuz hot girls we have problems to (especially if you are a ugly hot girl). lol. I should not share this shit but I can't resist the urge.. Sorry.


You don't even want to know what I'm gonna do to you.

I love this man. I'm so crazy about him that I was in front of the computer the whole day just for the release of this music video. No Reflection 4 April. ♥


If you were a Dementor, I'd become a criminal just to get your kiss.

I finally got Pottermore, I haven't been able to even hear someone mention Harry Potter without crying. The end is here, the war is over and peoples are getting on whit their life as nothing ever happened. So why do you keep living? Cuz I have something worth living for. Add me BloodSky14323@Pottermore ♥


Scary monsters and cute lambs.

So me and Julia where going to meet Mli but she wasn't answering her phone. So we decided to go over to her, we rang her doorbell but she didn't answer. But then we got an idea, so we went outside her window and started to bang at it! We where banging really hard and screaming. She was still not answering so we decided to go to a farm instead. Meanwhile Mli was scared to death by some crazy peoples who were trying to break in to her house so she locked herself in the bathroom. Hah we are crazy!
Horsedick, wait what?!


Stalk me.

I don't like when peoples are telling me what I have do and that a MUST do this and that. I don't like it at all, I hate feeling pressured and that's probably why I stopped blogging before and the reason why I'm not telling my ex-readers about this blog. I don't like obligations and especially not from peoples that I care about. So I panicked when I realized that 60 peoples had read my blog the first day and that's why I stopped blogging again. But I'm back now, so yeah.♥



Unicorns I love them.

I should probably write something interesting about my day but seriously who am I fooling? I'm a geek so I have been geeking The Sims 3 all day long. So if you are a The Sims nerd to feel free to add me: LyzmelkNow I’m gonna ride away on my unicorn in to the sunset, goodbye.

Close enough.


I'm on a boat.

So I guess I'm on a boat.

Woho i'm blogging again.

So there have been complains about me not blogging anymore. Pfft I didn’t think my life was that interesting (and it’s probably not) but anyhow I’m back from the dead with a new blog. Read it or don’t, it’s up to you. (yeah I’m so dramatic).

Who is Lyzmelk?