Lonely, I am so lonely.

I miss my phone...

Fucking idiots.

So someone hav stolen my Iphone and I am really not in a mood to blog. Just thought that I should update you so now you know.
Oh yeah I have blocked my whole phone so nobody can ever use it, hah great to steal a useless phone, SUCKERS! bye.

(If I ever figure out who stole it that person better be out of this country, I am angry and I have a machete)


I'm a dolphin.

We found a perfectly good metal ring today. Oh you can do so many things with it. Entertainment for hours, get one you to before it's too late! We are not crazy.
I'm a dolphin

Sorry for party rocking.

I have been to busy to blog, but I will be back before you know it.


The news.

My friends where just on the swedish news at channel one. All love to them, thay did a great job and we really did have a promblem with the graduation-party companies. If you are graduation soon in Sweden and want to have a paty with your class, make sure to read the the small print in the contract. Alsom make sure that you know your rights and that you know exactly the meaning of the contract,

Gangstah girls.

Babygirl Some pictures frome this weekend. We're gangstah! lol.

Colors of the wind.

Awesome day today, I met my girl Moa and we where dancing around. She makes my world easy to live in. She paint my world, she is the colours of the wind.


Eurovision song contest the final, The fuck?!

Okay so I am gonna try to overlook the fact that we won the whole shit and just talk about the show in itself. The opening act where good but kind of busy and messy because of all the peoples who seemed to be everywhere. The hostes did not shape up from the semi-final and they were still making lame jokes that nobody laughs at. The "thing" during the interact was... interesting and waaay to long. Seriously what was that?! It is almost funny with all the propaganda Azerbaijan is showing. They make it seem like Azerbaijan is the greatest country in the world, sure it’s great with limited human rights. It's also kind of humoristic that Azerbaijan is the hosts of ESC and urge us to wote when the peoples of Azerbaijan is not even able to wote for politics. Another thing that annoyed me was at the end when Loreen won and there was just so unstructured, it took several minutes until she could perform and we viewers were just watching some peoples behind the scenes, so unstructured. I mean couldn't the hosts at least be interviewing someone or just do something to entertain us while the peoples behind the scenes were getting the stage ready for Loreen? Oh well I guess I shouldn't have that high expectation at a country that stones homosexuals to death..

We are the winners of Eurovision!

FUCK YEAH! We won, I am so happy that I don't know what to do. Damn this is reality, can't belive it yet. Oh my god. Me and my friends are sending super patriotic messages to each other.

Sweden is motherfucking awesome.

I am a wreck right now, we need to win this shit. Good I am so nervous, I am going to die. goodbye..


Eurovision song contest semi-final part two, The fuck?!

"blablablabla, pay attention"- funniest joke the hosts have made of far and that kind of says it all (to speak clear; ITS BORING AS FUCK). This semi-final was just as bad when it comes to the hosts jokes and the propaganda clips about how "amazing" Azerbaijan is. I still don't know why I am watching this shit, seriously something needs to liven it up. The medley during the interact sounded kind of whining due to those instrument. But it was okay I guess. But seriously they did now even know the lyrics to Waterloo, It's a classic for good sake, everyone should know the lyrics! The where trembling, Embarrassing. Azerbaijan you seriously need to step your game up.

You spin me right round, baby right round.

I am tumbling and falling while my world is literally spinning around. My head is banging, pounding and busts from all the pain. Not any pill in the world can save me, my eyes blacken and my sight fails just like my legs. Fortunately I have only eaten an ice-cream today so there is nothing to puke when my stomach is rioting against me. What is happening to me?


Eurovision song contest semi-final part one, The fuck?!

Okay I watched the semi-final today and: WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT IS THIS?! WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?! It was the worst semi-final ever, the hosts where so boring and overdid. After every song there was a clip of plain propaganda about how "amazing" Azerbaijan is. They are not saying that they are shutting down school cuz of the contest (I mean what means the future generation education matter?!), neither do they tell you about who they evacuated peoples from their home so they could build the arena (well sure this contest are more worth then some peoples that now live on the street) and the list of horrible things Azerbaijan does for Eurovision song contest goes on. And what was that drumming and dancing thing during the waiting for the results?! I have no idea what Azerbaijan thinks they are doing but seriously get a grip dudes. Seriously I am not amused and I am not looking forward to the final.

U Jellyfishes.

I have frozen yougurth, U JELLYFISH?

Summer time.

Taking a break in the sun, I need to get a tan cuz I'm pale as fuck..

And we do it likes nobody is around.

Rehearsing our play, the premier is close now.

Early in the morning.

Morning dudes, I have been up since 5am. Why am I doing this shit?



I need to studying but then I will be studying. If i don't finnish this eight essays by friday I will fail at everything that I ever can possible fail at. So I better be studying then.

Ugly motherfucker.

Today I'm ugly so I'm uploading a picture from two weeks ago. Seriously I look horrible today, no make up cuz we where rehersing for our play that we are preforming tomorrow and I'm playing a man so I can't wear make up (execpt foundation) and I schratched my chin yesterday so I have a big hurt wound now, FML. Fuck this shit I'm not going out more today, bye.


Why so serious?

So I'm going home now, if feels kind of sad but I'll be back soon. You know that I have been seartshing everywhere, under rocks, in the sky and even under my bed for the new Metal Hammer Magazine but I it does not exist in Sweden. Guess what I just found in a shop at the airport? Yes I am now a owner of the new Metal Hammer Magazine, oh how I love Mr Manson.

Sorry Deatheaters but they have rebuild it.

Only houers are remaining in the city named London. So we are going to spend them like it's our last, make every second count. The weather sucks but the company is nice and I'm happy and that's what matter.

They have done a nice job rebuilding this bridge after The Deatheaters destroyed it, sorry my fellow followers of The Dark Lord.

Try sleeping with snoring peoples.

The others are snoring so I could not sleep in our room, lycky me that we have this bathtube. I look like a baby and my hair is crazy, oh well.


M-m-my telephone.

In London peoples is taking photos with a phone booth like this;
So I thought I would do that to;

Baby girl, I'm sorry to tell you but we are crazy, looneytics and down right mad..

Tea party time.

It's time for some tea party at Harrods, my favourite store in whole London. Later I will be seartching for a dress for my gradiation, I got to be white and hopefully sparkeling. Here's some hipster pictures, lol.


Phantom of the opera.

I love Peter Jöback, He is one of the greatest singers ever alive so when I heard that he was playing the phantom I convinced my mum to get us ticets. I finally saw The phantom of the opera and Peter was just as awesome as I expected him to be and let me tell you one thing; the bar was set pretty high.

Morning London.