I only hang out with supermodels.

(Seriously all of my  friends are super hot)


Vodka is meant to kill germs.

Okay the missing pain from my scratch-wound is not missing, I poured vodka at the wound to disinfect it and sence that it has been hurting as hell. But I think that the pain is means that the germs are dying or something like that (at least I hope that).

Sunshine and a bloody knee.

A perfect day, the sun is shining, I was tanning, we were sailing, the children were playing. A perfect day except the scratch-wound at my knee, the blood were driping, the pain were missing, the gravel were cuddling in wound. Not so perfect after all..


My life jacket is sexy and it knows it.

My life jacket is so awesome, it's so orange that it almost hurts to look at it. With a life jacket like that you are bound to be awesome and have the sun shining on you all day long.
I also found some awesome graffiti, Pokémon + Guy Fawkes: It's super effective!

Duck update.

Yesterday there where four baby ducks and today there where only three. WHY?!
Oh you cruel world...


Baby duck, baby duck, oh my little baby duck.

The rain paused from it's attempt to drow us and the sun wormed us for some minutes. Even the baby ducks came out to play with us and I am on a boat so life is quite great.

And it keeps on raining.

The rain keeps pouring down but I just keep on sailing. The childern are getting better at sailing so I guess I am doing a good job, we are having lots of fun even though it is cold and every thing is wet. We keep on smiling and hope that the rain will get extinguished.


I'm sailing in the rain.

Sorm and rain, rain and storm. The rain has been pouring down all day long and I have been sailing with the kids. My rain jacket leaked after only one minute so I where wet and could for hours. Days like this I want to stay in bed.


Siri my babygirl.

Being sick and home alone blows. But I got Siri so lucky me....

When Linn is sleeping, Jäni is creeping.

Linn is now sleeping after seeing like 4 movies, she is so cute when she is sleeping (well she is always cute). It was strong of her being awake for the 3 first movies she is improving cuz she usaly falls a sleep after a half movie. Oh she is just cutness personifyed.


Never say never.

Chillin' with my girl waching moviea and eating candy, chips, chocolate etc. Life's great. ❤

Happy midsummer dudes.

I am sick but I got Linn taking care of me, she is my very own carebear. Chillin' in the sun, man this life is awesome. ❤


Out of sight, out of mind.

I'm sick. One day before midsummer and I am having fever and stuff. Why is this happening to me?


YES my legs are tanned as hell.

Today was last time I saw Julia for a month, she will be going away and I will be working. I already miss her. It's going to be a long month.

Wanna be freckLESS.

Working on my tan but all I get is more freckles. FML. (Oh yeah, You can probably tell that I sleept for like 4 hours)

Hello world.

It's five in the morning and I have summerbreak so the question is: why am I awake?! It's to light outside so I can't sleep. Fuck this shit, I need to sleep more then 3 hours. Now I'm gonna defy the light somehow and sleep. Good night y'all.


Goodbye Gothenburg.

Going home to Stockholm, I am goning to miss Gothenburg and I will never forget the best weekend of my life. Manson.♥



The day was spent at Liseberg with my sister and mum. ♥

You're a little pistol and I'm fucking pistol whipped.

Got my new Manson shirt on, can't still belive that last nights concert was for real. Damn I wish that this shit will last forever. LIKE A BOSS.


Marilyn Fucking Manson.

As always the pictures are taken by me, so don't you dear steal them, I have a machete.

Hey Mr. Superstar I'm your number one fan.

There are not words to describe how much I love this man. I have traveled for hours and waiting for hours to see the one and only God of fuck. I have been waiting for him to come to Sweden for years (because 2009 I was stuck on an island and the concert some years later he cancelled because he had the swine flu), so my expectations where really high and he passed those expectations with flying colors. He started the show with Hey, cruel world... (Which is also the name of the tour) and finished with the extra number The beautiful peoples. The show was amazing, Marilyn is truly a show artist and I strongly recommend seeing him live because it is nothing like it. Mr. Manson where not just great on the stage-present- parts he were also charming and really loving towards the crowd (which was quit expected because he is a very romantic and nice guy). He really pulled the show of amazingly and it was truly THE BEST CONCERT I've ever been to.
Oh and I were standing at the fence, so I where so close I could almost touch him, Life is great.

As always the pictures are taken by me, so don't you dear steal them I have a machete.

I will wait for you.

Waiting for Manson with the cutest siter in the world. Soon my life will be complete.

Every day I see my dreams.

Sitting on the balcony in the sun and eating chocolatecake. Soon Metaltown and Mr. Manson. ❤



Cupcake party.

Juli had made chocolate cupcakes, my favourite pastry with my favourite girls (except Mli is missing).
haha my hand looks crazy, oh well...

Just chillin'.

Good morning. I just got out of bed, witch is why I got crazy hair. After the picinc I got so tierd so I went to bed, I am getting to old for this shit. Now I'm of to Juli for a cupcake party. PEACE.

Early in the morning.

My cousin got summer break now so me and Bella had picnic with her.


If a man can become a monster, then a monster can become a man.

Dinner and cinema with some awesome peoples. We where 12 from the beginning and then we split up and saw 3 different movies (because we could not agree), Dark Shadow, Snow White And The Huntsman and some random film that I don't even know the name of. I obviously saw dark shadow, I mean Johnny Depp is a great actor (plus he is hot), Tim Burton makes great movies and Helena Bonham Carter is a great actress (plus se is gorgeous). Also I did not want to see Snow White because it is even mot unrealistic when Kirsten Stewart is supposed to be more beautiful then Charlize Theron. Seriously Kirsten only has one facial expression and it is looks like she is nauseated. So the choice of movie was not that hard. 


SHUT UP AND JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY. Yes ! Please give me now and I will love you forever (forever is a very long time). I crave for The Sims Supernatural, WHY SEPTEMBER, WHY?

Sweet treats.

FUCK YEAH! I got the new sims Katy Perry Sweet Treats, oh how I been looking for it. Ever since it came out the 7th I have been running to every store that sells games in Stockholm but nobody had it jet. Today I finally got my hands on one. YES!


To sad to talk about.


To a woman so heartless.

There is nothing left to fight for so I am running. Leaving everything behind, including my shoes. I don't know where this will take me but anywhere but here will do. I want to break free.

Forget the haters just get my money.

Work, work, work. I have been working all day with correcting exams. It's so unstimulating but hey I get money.



I turn my head away so you won’t see the tears pouring down my cheeks. I smile so you won’t see the broken pieces of my heat. You crushed me like a cockroach under your feet. You forsaken me, why have you forsaken me? My future where bright but you put out the light. My dreams have vanished and all that's left are my survival instincts.


Screw you.

I'll teach you about loss.

yeah this fall I will be homeless. fun. I love when She throws you out.

 "I don't need you, I'll say it to myself .
 It doesn't mean I won't need somebody, 
Anyone with half a soul will hear this and they'll never leave me"

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

At Fridas graduation party. Love these girls.