Hey Mr. Superstar I'm your number one fan.

There are not words to describe how much I love this man. I have traveled for hours and waiting for hours to see the one and only God of fuck. I have been waiting for him to come to Sweden for years (because 2009 I was stuck on an island and the concert some years later he cancelled because he had the swine flu), so my expectations where really high and he passed those expectations with flying colors. He started the show with Hey, cruel world... (Which is also the name of the tour) and finished with the extra number The beautiful peoples. The show was amazing, Marilyn is truly a show artist and I strongly recommend seeing him live because it is nothing like it. Mr. Manson where not just great on the stage-present- parts he were also charming and really loving towards the crowd (which was quit expected because he is a very romantic and nice guy). He really pulled the show of amazingly and it was truly THE BEST CONCERT I've ever been to.
Oh and I were standing at the fence, so I where so close I could almost touch him, Life is great.

As always the pictures are taken by me, so don't you dear steal them I have a machete.

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