Pound The Alarm.



My TVremote died so for 2 days I have only been able to watch channel 1 & now when I have fixed the remote guess which channel I'm watching....


Ocean love.

(Pictures stolen from Linn)

Fanta Grape.

I finally found a stor in Sweden that sells Fanta grape, my favourite soda ever. I taste it first in South Africa and ever since then I have search everywhere and I finally found it, HAPPY GIRL! 

I found a ladybug friend.



Farewell to the best island on earth, farewell Vässarö, See you next summer.


I don't ever want to leave.

I'm a fuck up.

Why do I always destroy eveything and everyone I love. I never ment to hurt you, never forget that. I am sorry. I don't want to destroy every good thing in my life but I am cursed because I keep consume all that is loveable. You should all stay away from me, I am a destructing force. fuck.,


Why does it rain?

Or more like why does the rain never stop? And why does it keep hailing down? And why is it so fucking freezing?


Watch out we got a badass over here.

Some pictures of the best kids in the whole wide world and I am lucky to be their nanny.


It's over now.

The sailing school have come to end. It have been awsome and I am so proud over my kids who now can sail by their own. I will miss to work here but trust me: next summer I'll be back.


My father will hear about this.

I am so proud right now. Slytherin♥ 
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The ocean and me.

I love sailing, tomorrow is last day for me as sailing instructor of the sailing school. I will miss it so much.