Just beeing cool.


Cupcake party.

Happy birthday Baby Bell.You are the best sister in the world. 


I can't live this way.

For once I wish that somebody, anybody would stand up for me. To just hold me and say that every thing will be just fine. I just want somebody that prioritize me, that cares for me. I need a care bear..



The Expendables 2.

Today was the sewdish premiere of The Expendables 2 and guess who had ticets?

My expectations of the movies where sky high, the first movie is my favorite movie of all time so the bar was set pretty high. Usally the frase: The higher expectations, the harder fall is true and sequels is often not as good as the first movie, BUT within the first minute The Expendables 2 really chought my intrest. The first scene had it all, humor, acton, mystique and everything I look for in a movie. The rest of the movie keept this high standard, It was exelent direkted, the stunts where amazing and there is a reason that this actors is called ledgends (with one exeption of Hemsworth). The Expendables is for me really the best movie of the year, it did how ever miss a bit of deptht like the first movie had in one of my favourite scens when Micke Rourke painted the guitar and talked about the past. Other than the lack of deptht this movie really was epic. The scene in the cave wher Gunnar got an idéa is hilarious, Oh how I love Gunnar (and Dolph Lundgren).

The conclusion is: If you haven't seen the movie yet: DO IT!

Sylvester and Arnold, my homeboys.

Just chillin with Linn, Sylvester and Arnold is creeping, not a big deal.. ❤ #TheExpendables2


The new Expendables gang.

Who is up 8am in the morning sneaking around in solna to steal posters of cool men?! ♥ 


I will never sell my precious boat!

I received two texts from randoms saying the exact same thin. What's the deal with that?!
1. I don't have a boat.
2. If I did I would not sell it.
3. Who the hell are you and why don't you have a real number?!
4. Why do you text me in english when you refering to a swedish site?
5. If I ever find out who put MY number at then I will sen Dolph at that idiot.


Starfishes loves you.

My new Thomas Sabo charm, Love it. Thomas Sabo makes the best silver jewelrys. ❤