Are you generally in favor of unicorns and their existence?

I am.

Believed in ourselves when nobody else believed us.


When you are not prepared.

Oh fuck it's raining and I don't have any umbrella. Well this sucks..

Yeah man.

My boss just called me and waked me up, asking if I could work today. 5 minutes later I am on a bus. LIKE A BOSS!


iPhone 5.

I don't really get the point with the new iPhone. Why would I get that when I have 4s. There is almost no differens what so ever except the design. Seriously what's the point. Don't get me wrong I love my phone. I just don't see the greatness with the iPhone 5 but that might just be me...



I just started to play Amnesia - The dark descent. Damn it's scary but really awesome. Got to keep on playing, what will happen next?

I want ya legs up.


There is always hope.

Ignorance is not born, it's thought.

Dear old Nicki..

I really loved you & looked up to you but I can't support you any more when you are voting for Mitt Romney. I support love & equality for everybody. He want to take away peoples choise over their own body and decide who has the right to love. How can you support that? I really idolised you so it hurts me that you don't think that all peoples should have the same rights. I really thought you where smarter then this but I guess I was wrong...


I need you just to breath.

I don't even want to know who I would be with out you or where I would be but I would probably not be existing. You always call when I am down, you always have perfect timeing. You can read my mind even though we are miles apart. You own my heart and I just want you to know that you are my saviour.


Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out how to love.

"See You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart. Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out: How to love, How to love.."

Trying to put it together.

I don't know what or why I'm doing this.