Dressin' up.

Halloween is my favourite holiday, I just love all those costumes and I really love this song.



The closer to a religious experience is when I've been out in the cold and then just bade in hot water. Dear god that's divine.

Friends arena.

The Crown Prinsess Victoria, Loreen, The Hives, Danny Saucedo, Rikard Wolff, Roxett, Agnes Carlsson and other celebrities where at the grand opening of Friends Arena, The new national arena of Sweden. It was kind of a week start and the ending where not that good when Marie Fredriksson (Singer in Roxette) forgot some of the lyrics. I don't get why Loreen did not sing Euphoria. It was a night to celebrate Sweden  and I thing she should have sing the song that we won Eurovision Song Contest with. But there where som highlights to like The Crown Prinsess Victoria, Rikard Wolff and Ronia the Robber's Daughter musical acts. More of Victoria and glitter and less Roxett, thanks..

Just being a tree.

Taking a walk with mum and sister.


The snowman is missing his hat.

Me and kindergarden kids made a snowman and everyone was super exited over the snow. I'm loving my job.

Flower power.

Crap, I hoped that the snow was just a dream. oh well what to do.


It's all about the money.

Work, work, work but I am loving it. I am having a great work and can't wait for my next paychek.


It's not easy being green.

I really want The Sims 3 Seasons, I have missed the aliens from Sims 2 and now they are making a comeback. I am loving those aliens.


The decise.

I don't want to wrie abot my emotions, I don't want so compair my feeling with the leafs of the trees, I don't want to sound to pretentious but you don't get how much I detest you. How I load being in the same room as you, breathing the same air as you and sharing the same dna as you. You are everything I wish not to be, everything I will never be. I will fight the decise you are. Fight fire with fire, anger with anger and maybe someday I will be cured from the decise.



One of the funnies musicvideos ever made. I am loving this.


Oh baby doll.

You know whar really brightens up your monday? Getting presents at work. Today I got this cute doll that a co-worker made for me, so sweet.


My life < Jeffree Star's life.

Still sick, well this sucks. I hope you have a better day. If your day suck as mine do, here is some great music.


In sickness and in hell.

I am having the worst cold, my throat is burning and so is my fever. That's the shit I don't like.


Next to normal.

Saw the musical next to normal today, I had really low expectations and yet I was disappointed. So much misery and everything were just so pointless. But if you like misery, heartaches and peoples around you crying over nothing then by all means go and se it.


Six days.

Six days until the season premier of The Walking Dead, I need it now.


Censoring songs.

I was listening to the radio today which I don't do that often and suddenly they played a song where they had cut out all the bad words (which in this case only where horney) and replaced it with silence. So the refrain which is almost only two worlds long is now only silence (except for the second part of the song when you hear the background singers sing the uncensored version). I am just curios, but why just censor the singer but not the background singer so you could still hear the real lyrics? And why even play the song at all? I mean if you feel the need to censor a song, why bother doing that and play that version. Why destroy the artist song just so you can play it? If it don't suit you don't play it and especially don't censor half the song because that is just ridiculous!

Fika with baby.

Shopping and fika with sister, great day.

Cake for breakfast.


The secret.

My family forgot my name-day, so I had to bake my own cake. Forever alone.


Well what is this surprise in the fridge? May it be to me? One can only hope.


My glitter friend.

Look what I just got in my mailbox from the best friend in the world. She sent me a pink hairbrush with glitter on and one half of a keyring, she have the other half. She brightens up my day and fills my life with glitter. She is one of the best thing that ever happend to me.


Stockholm Pride 2012.

 I totaly forgot to upload the pictures from Stockholm Pride 2012, Oh well here they are.

Love is love, no matter what.