When did I become so cold?


I don't get it.

Peoples who's eating stuff (especially stuff that stinks) on the bus/train disgust me... Why does peoples even eat at public transports?!


The snow.

Wow is it snowing outside?! I had no idea since I don't have a window of my own... so thanks again for the information social media!


Caught somewhere between delusion and prophesy.

Still being sick, have been sleeping for the last 12 hours. God I need to sleep some more. bye.


Feel free to knock me unconscious.

My head is pounding, my fever is raising and my throat is burning. Fuck being sick.


The fire.

For a second that felt like minutes, all I saw was the flames from the fire. It had just exploded and just as fast was it gone. My heart stopped for a moment and all I could think of was if you where all right. The panic in your eyes and tears where bursting thru in any second. I did not care about any thing els then taking you home, to escape the fear and to save you for tears. My head was spinning and tears where streaming down my cheeks but I had to be strong, for you. We some how made it back home.You where safe.

Värdens bästa vikarie.

The co-workers likes me and I like them.


Give me something sweet.

Having a family-party today. FUCK YEAH MORE CAKE FOR ME!
My sister made a origamin bunny, she is amazing.


Last one standing.

I am all alone in the big house but it's fine by me. Every one has gone home and I am closing. The darkness is every where and somehow it's calming me down. Lonely in the dark and I would not be anywhere  els if I could.




Just going on a casual but secret walk, hope that Linn, Julia and Mari doesn't find out!! (I am only doing this because they had a secret walk without me.)

Running out of work that's the shit I don't like.

So I don't know what I will be doing, I just hope it all sorts out and I will probably work my ass off to get an other job.

Four more years.

I am so happy that Obama von the election. I really think that he will make some changes like ex. same rights for HBT-persons and he will continue to suport women. In Obamas victory speech he included every one, no matter skin colour, sexualoriantation and age, every one should have the same rights. And if anyone can unite America it's Obama. I don't say it will be easy but change never comes easy.  Good luck Obama, I belive in you.