Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy.

Went to the night market today and bought this sugar sweet cloths. :3

A little to late.

Sorry for being a bit late with the writing to you. At least I wrote 15 cards now so you should be happy and the thing that matter is that you guys gets the cards. Love.


Free like a bird.

We just found a gecko in our trash can. The rescue mission started and we took it outside. The lizard run out to the wild but quite unfortunately left it's tale behind.

Don't you know who I think I am?


Pink dolphins 2.0.

Totally forgot to upload some of my best pictures at the pink dolphins, my bad.


Look what lovely creature I found today! So cool!

Mari you got to see her.

She is back, no more hospital from now on.
(Pictures from this morning at the hospital)

The smell of death and the sounds of coughing are echoing in the night.

To be at a hospital in an other country must be one of the worst experience ever...

Oh did I mention that I have been up for 26 hours now, lovely...


Khanom hospital.

My friend is sick in a country we don't know, in a disease we don't know. She i lying in a bed next to 11 others. They are not speaking the same language as we and the standard are nothing like in Sweden. But they are really trying and helping. They are so nice and understanding, jet nothing feels more frustrating than this. The fact that we don't know anything and the helplessness. I just want to help her but there is nothing I can do, nothing. Nothing but being here for her and holding her hair while she's puking.

Pink dolphins.

The life-west gang.