Gangsta life...

Oh my sweetness.

Easter is all about the cake and candy...

Happy Easter.

Have a nice easter y'all. ❤(Btw I never want to look at food or candy again, I've had enough for this year).

Shine bright.

Preparing for the easter feast.


Linn, linn, linn alla gillar Linn.

I finally go to see Linn today. We did some easter shopping and found some shoes for Linn too. Over all a fantastic day, I have missed her for so long! ❤

Gay marriage.

Equality is commonsense, all humans deserve the save rights no matter who you love. Love between two adults is never wrong, love is love no matter of the gender the persons have. To me supporting gay marriage isn't a question, to me it's self-explanded. To be oppose equal right and to deny people love, that's just screwed up!


It sickens me.

This happened: A girl was out dancing with her friends and then an man grabs her ass, she confronts him and ask him whay gives him the right to sexually assault somebody. Then he touches her again so she slap him in the face and SHE gets convicted for assault.

I mean she was clearly acting in self-defence and it's her body no one else's. I am curios what was going on in his head when he grabbed  her ass and waht was going on in the judges head. I am not supporting violence and maybe she could have reacted differntly but it is never the victims fault. Sexism is never okay. This is just sick. 

(read the article here, it's in swedish so you may need to translate it.)


Of course it was to good to be true.

Wasn't suppose to work until 11 pm but now they want me in at 9am. There goes my chill day.


I'm in love with my own sins.

Shopping to cheer my self up after the doctor visit.

Soon as we hit the hospital I know I'm gonna leave this town.

No wonder my body ain't working right, the doctor said I have urinary infection and sinusitis. What a lovely combination! So now I will be eating antibiotics for ten days and soon all of this shit will have an ending.


Party in a papperskorg.

When you're sick you can always party with Mr. Manson.

Baby what the fuck is wrong with them.

I was supposed to be going out for dinner with my mates but guess what: I'm still sick as a seasick sailor...

So the shower will just have to wait.

My hair smells like puke but I can't take a shower because the cleaning person is here. I hate being home when they are cleaning, I always feel like I'm in the way.


I owe her the world.

My body is broken. The fever is burning me alive and the migraine is pounding in my head. I am puking my guts out. This is a living hell, thank god I have my sister who saves my life.

My sister > your sister.


Shit got crazy.

I was casually walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I am opening the door this is what I see... What the fuck happened here?!


Kindergarden time.

First day back at work, Gosh I have missed the childern so much and they where so happy to meet me again. It has been a great day and I'm looking forward to monday.


Back on track.

Going back to work tomorrow, I have really missed all the children.

Just FYI.

I'm still not sleeping...

What a lovely day.

Why am I not sleeping? Happy girl...

God morning mates.

Just woke up, my head is still not in the right time zone and I am still so jet lagged. What is this? You might think that after a week it my body should have get used to the current time zone but apparently 10 hours was to much to handle.


Cosmic radiance.

After two months I finally got perfume again and my favorite too, AWESOME!



Birthday dinner.

Julia is feeling crazy so she ordered kangaroo and crocodile, LOCA!

Happy birthday Julia!

The best friend of them all. The fairest of them all. The best of the best.