Light em up.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Guess who got tickets to their concert in Sweden.. !!


Everybody loves seals.

Been up all night navigating and now I'm back in the boat again. Guess what, We even saw a seal. Seals are really the cutest animal on earth.


Navigate in the dark.

I'm back at Vässarö for some night navigation. God damn it's beautiful out here.


The best in class.

I just feel the need to express my love to the amazing Sofia Vergara. She is one of my favourite persons that ever walked on earth. She is so natural and lovely, just watching her on tv makes me starstruck. Truth be told I can go on forever and talk about how amazing she is but I will stop now and just let ju wach for yourself.


As it should be.

Riktiga gentlemän, som människor borde bete sig (Kolla gärna facebooksidan Fåglar som beter sig som människor, det bästa jag sätt på länge).


Magic ice cream.

I'm still sick so today I have been glued to the couch. Movies and ice cream have been my new medication, I'm just hoping I'll be healthy until tomorrow. Work your magic popcorn ice cream!


What the fuck is going on?

No, YOU cancelled it. Go home you're drunk.


Isn't this lovely, one day before the concert in Sweden.Terrific.


Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been sick, really sick. In fact I still am sick. My only enjoyment this week has been watching criminal minds marathon. Now I will try to leave my bed to eat, we'll se how that will work.



Grandma and grandpa are having a housewarming party, They got a beautiful new house.
Me and mami at grandma and grandpa's new house.

Vilda was freezing so she borrowed my cousin's sweatshirt.

My abuela are a master chef.



I've done nothing.
I've done nothing.
but they forgive anything.

I've done nothing...


3D glasses on.

3D glasses on. photo 3Dglasses.gif Just saw Jack the giant slayer and the 3D was horrible! Oh well at least we look great in our 3D glasses...

Make up your mind.

Got some new make up that are not tested on animals (AWESOME!) and some new shoes because my old ones are broken. FYI my new shoes are sparkeling!!!

Going on adventure.

Today I finally left my house for the first time since the 2 of april. Ugh being sick has been the worse.


Country Livin'.

Got the new premium content Country Livin' from The Sims 3 Store, fuck yeah! I'm loving the new evil Charlie chicken.


Everybody loves bunnies.

The nest best bunnies are the one filled with chocolate. The best are obviously the fluffy ones!



10 days  have passed and  I'm finally done with the antibiotics.


April fools day - that's the shit i don't like.

I always lay low on the first of apil. I don't like idiotic jokes especially when it's all about humitliate someone els. So goodbye for now, I'll be staying in my bed all day.