Yeah you, you're biting your lower lip, Well I'm still talking aboutwhat I can't get.

Dragons, dragons everywhere.


Boy Scouts of America accepts openly gay boys.

Today the Boy Scouts of America finally accepts openly gay boys, they have after hundred years finally rewoked the gay ban for boy scouts. It's a great step on the way for a equal community! But there is one huge thing that is remaining: the ban on gay Scout leaders! Hopefully that will change and BSA will finally stand for what scouting is all about; Accepting and respecting each other no matter what.


Breaking news.

One of my best friends are in two newspapers today and I am so happy for her. She is truly amazing and she deserves it. Visit her blog here.



I couldn't help my self, I stayed up a little bit longer to post about the Eurovision Song Contest semi final part one. So there you got my opinions, until Thursday!

Eurovision Song Contest semi-final part one.

So it's finally that time of the year when we all are (at least I am) looking forward to a lot. This year the competition is in my  county SWEDEN. I'm so proud even though it's in Malmö and not in Stockholm the great capital of Sweden (yes I'm a bit sad over that could you tell?). It strange that it's not in Stockholm when we just finished building a new beautiful (an bigger) arena, oh well what to do? Moving on to the semifinal part one that just aired, it was a great show even though the lineup was pretty weak. Let's face it there where only one good song of all sixteen. The only one worth mentioning where of course Denmark. And the worst outfits belongs to Ireland who's dancers had tribal tattoos. When did anybody think that tribal tattoos where a goo idea?! It is so out now and it was even out when it where popular in the 90's but Ireland are going to the finals so I am guessing that they had something that the people liked (I just don't know what). Petra Mede the host of tonight where absolutely fabulous! She where sparkling in her Sean Paul Gaultier dress. Some people on twitter where complaining about her pronunciation, that she overdid her English but in fact she always talk like that. Even in Swedish she pronounce thing like that and that's just how she are so take it or leave it! Some other complained about her looks but that I just think is immature and stupid. I however found her funny, beautiful and strong for hosting Eurovision alone.

That's all for now, over and out!     

Eurovision rant.

I will blog about Eurovision soon enough but now I'm tierd so if you want my oppinions asp, just follow my twitter (Lyzmelk). Goodnight my dear littles friends!


Bruises from yesterday.

All of the work with the boats yesterday surtenly took it's toll.