The Sims 4.

How about NO! Seriously, you have not even released the expation pack Island Paradise and you are announcing The Sims 4. I get that it's all about the money but I mean I have just bought all expansion packs for The Sims 3 and I am not buying The Sims 4 and all those expansion packs. Work with developing The Sims 3 insted of making a whole new game. I really think that you will lose costumers who think that you have disappointed them (which you have by making new games and expansions so we have to start all over and playing with no pets, no weather and no university.). It  really does not make sense to start all over again and buy the "same" game and expantion pack with only a bit better graphic. There is no need for The Sims 4. And for me, a cometted The Sims nerd, I am really thinking of stop playing The ims when the 4 gets out. This is not what I want or need, so listen to your supporters and stop taking us for granted or you will end up losing.

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