Orange parasol.

Breakfast by the ocean.

Hej spindel, vad gör du bakom hörnet?


The fixer.

Just finished fixing one our boats that where leaking due to missing plug. 

I'm a survivor.

I accidentally put my headphones in the washer but it's still working LIKE A BOSS!  


Bloody bruises.

What am I doing wrong?

Orange is the thing.

As usual I have been doing some more sailing today and I am still working on my tan but that's a slow progress.

1400 vs 100 000.

1400 bus drivers are today going on strikes. They are not going to their jobs and I may not be able to go to mine because of this shit. They say that ca. 100 000 people will be effected of this strike. I and all the other 100 000 who have payed for my bus tickets and can't us it, what about us? What about our jobs? I think this is the shittiest SL (the bus and train company) have done and they pretty much suck on every thing. Ah what a lovely day...