Nicke is a friend of mine.

I have a problem with cats due to the fact that I know that they are evil and plotting to take over the world. I am now currently living with a cat (I must add that it is against my will) and the cat (Nicke) and I have been avoiding eatch other for a while. We both keep our distanced and that's that, until now. He suddently walked up to me, smelled my hand and started to pur and we are now friends. I realized that he wasn't evil just misunderstood.

A night by the lake.

There is nothing so fluffy as my babies.





The last stand.

Laying in bed watching The last stand, I am loving this movie. Arnold is the best (but that's nothing new).


Asus baby.

Just bought a new laptop and I just realized how much I detest and absolutely load Windows 8. Who the fuck needs applications on a fucking computer?! And the design is just awful. 

Right by your side.

Battle of the damned.

I am watching Battle of the damned and it is one of the best films made 2013. Dolph is perfect as always and the plot is entertaining. It has everything a good actin movie needs: robots, cool action scenes, undead enemies, humor and cool peoples. As you probaly colud tell I love action movies, especially action movies with Dolph in. Dolph Lundgren is one of the best actors alive.