Unicorn power.

Just nailed my fist university exam even though I have fever and sinusitis. Life is good!

Life was all a dream.

I dreamed that I had a grand danois, woke up happy and I wish that it wasn't a just a dream. ❤


The fact that bunnies exist is a proof that everything will be ok.

When everything's just shit just think of fluffy bunnies.

It may not mean nothing to y'all but understand that nothing was done for me.

Just got home from a visit at the doctor. I guess somethings will never changes. Will I ever get the help I need or will this shit continue forever.

It may not mean nothing to y'all...


Best day.

Moa is back in Stockholm (finally). I have waited so long but it was so worth it. She have baked an amazing cake and I am just so happy to see her. ❤