Cherry blossom.



I found this in a store today. Why am I in a store and why can you buy my face?!

Don't risk dudeness.

So Veet though it was a splendid idea to say in their new commercial: If a woman doesn't shave - she's a man. I'm not buying it. Maybe Veet forgot that body hair is natural and that both men and women are naturally hairy. So why do you think that only men should be hairy? Maybe because you are misogynic and superficial. I get that you want to sell but to say to people if you don't shave you can't be a woman, that's just stupid. The thing is that you do not only offend women you also offend men, the men in your campaign are stereotypes that are stupid and super superficial. You are saying that if a man see a hairy woman who he just woke up to (maybe his girlfriend, someone he loved) he would be so scared and believe that she is a dude. Seriously Veet, are you really that stupid?! Get your shit together and I am never buying from you again. Everyone should be free to make their own decision if they want to save or not, you should not say that it makes them who doesn't save dudes. Mind your one business Veet. 

(I will not put up a link to the commercials, it you really want to se them just search for don't risk dudness. I warn you, if you see them you can never unsee them...)